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Issues & New Blog February 7, 2010

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New Blog

Hoolaa Chiickaa (:   As you all may now know. I’ve created a new blog & I co-own it with my buddy Molls. So if you see her around don’t be shy and say HI!!!. Wooh.

Anywhoo. This is basically a fashion buh-log. Another one you know? Only BEASTLIER. Now with Molls on my side. Haha. So yess. How was that for a brief welcome?


Mmkaay while recreating this new buh-log. I kinda messed up the date and tried to MAKE IT YESTERDAY!?!?!?! Dumb amiright? But anyway. After spending like a bajillion hours doing that ( over exaggerating), i checked my calendar and realized it was the 7th. What the programmed laptop already set for mee. ooh darrn. way to be smart. yess.

Typical Cass (:


24 Responses to “Issues & New Blog”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Wow cass u r cool.

  2. Becky Says:


  3. Emma Says:

    i think we established that beck.

  4. Lorrane Says:

    Cass im glad ur blogging again.

  5. Becky Says:

    aren’t we all?

  6. BELLAxEDWARD #1 FAN Says:

    cass how can u not know its sunday?

  7. Georgia Says:

    nobody likes sundays, member?

  8. BELLAxEDWARD #1 FAN Says:

    oh ya. haha rightt.

  9. Shelly Belly Says:

    Oh wow….

  10. BELLAxEDWARD #1 FAN Says:


  11. Becky Says:

    I knew she would be back

  12. Jessica Says:

    Wow. I knew she liked this buh-log

  13. Penny Says:

    What’s going on to all the comments?

  14. BELLAxEDWARD #1 FAN Says:


  15. Missy Says:

    Poor Poor Girl

  16. Cass Says:

    Enough. Bella. The only reason you keep coming back is you are

    ( a ) seeking attention
    ( b ) cyber bully
    ( c ) both a and b.

    You hun. seriously need to get a life. If you don’t like this blog of mine & molls. I’d advise you to leave. At least leave with a sense of dignity left. No need to go dramatic. We have enough of that in our real lives. Unless you don’t have one that is (;

    – Typical Cass (:

  17. Harley Says:

    Glad you are blogging again CASS! & NOW MOLLS

    – Harley

  18. Yui Says:

    me 2 harls.

  19. Harley Says:

    nice 2 meet ya yui

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