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Cass’s Day vs Molls’s Day February 20, 2010

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Cass’s Day,

Unlike Molls’s so called “boring day” her’s is actually EXCITING! While me on the other hand is stuck in deep GUANO ( word meaning bat poop ).  Why am I stuck in deep GUANO you may ask?  WELL, I’ll tell you why!

( 1 ) Today I woke up at exactly 10:33.

I didnt exactly sleep ” well ” last night. For i was coughing and sneezing my guts out. SHEET.  I looked out my window to find it dark and gloomy outside. WHY WAS IT DARK YOU MIGHT WONDER? Because it wasn’t friggin 10:33 it was 4:33am D< My younger brother though it would be hilarious to mess with my alarm clock…
( 2 ) I fixed my alarm clock back to the normal time & then went back to bed and was awaken an hr later by my alarm clock registered on my phone.

Lovely right? NO. NOT LOVELY. SO i am very crabby by this point. So i turn off my cell phone. & check all of my clocks [2] in my room and then head back to bed.

( 3 ) I woke up at exactly 10:33am ( the right time this time ) & there was NO FOOD.

Like literally, no more rice, ( because RICE is healthy for mee & the family.  HAHA ) ):  I had instant noodles. They tasted good…

( 4 ) I FEEL LIKE THROWING UP NOW. WHY?!??!?! because i have the flu. gosh daarn.

Thanks for ruining my weekend. FLU.


Typical Cass (:

P.S.  I found myself waking up on a large air bed. i don’t remember sleeping on one last night…


20 Responses to “Cass’s Day vs Molls’s Day”

  1. Harley Says:

    woah its like molls is phsychic or something she said u would post later today and u did freaky

  2. Jessica Says:

    They said they were friends and they co-own the blog so i think they are like bffs in real

  3. Harley Says:

    oh ya forgot

  4. wendy Says:


  5. Confused and heart broken Says:

    wow cass i feel sorry for u

  6. Lucy Says:


  7. Amanda Says:

    guano is funny & wnedy it does sound like an fml
    sorry cass but ur day sucks

  8. Breanna Says:


  9. Harley Says:

    poor cass.

  10. Brielle Says:

    Oh cass i’m sorry 😦
    -Miss Brielle

  11. Miss logical Says:

    Cass i dont know anyone in the world who doesnt HATE the flu.

  12. BELLAxEDWARD #1 FAN Says:

    she sounds mad

  13. Penny Says:

    NO REALLY? i thought she was happy about the day she just had!

  14. Irish_Princess101 Says:

    AIR BED?!?!?! LOL

  15. Cass Says:

    My brother taught me the word Guano HAHA.

  16. Irish_Princess101 Says:


  17. Becky Says:

    Took the words right out of my mouth irish

  18. Cass Says:

    Thanks for caring everyone (:

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