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fashion inspirations… February 23, 2010

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who are yours?

My mom has the subscription for the J-Crew magazine so she gets those every month or so. I love drawing, and in that magazine there are bazillions of great pics that work well with my drawing technique (I guess?). So, I started with just sketching the lovely models, but then I started to realize: I could use these gorgeous outfits as the foundation of my style! So, basically J-Crew is my inspiration. Even though I don’t have many J-Crew items in my wardrobe I still base my clothing choices of the sketches I draw from the mags. With a dash of Molls, of course.

J-Crew Website

So, girlies, what are your fashion inspirations?




3 Responses to “fashion inspirations…”

  1. Lakia Says:

    my fashion inspiration is…Steve Madden

  2. Renaay Says:

    I look at Selena gomez lol

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