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eleven February 24, 2010

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yeah yeah yeah

When I woke up I just knew. I KNEW today was going to be a pain in my rear end. I slept in twenty minutes, because who really enjoys waking up? I contemplated over playing sick. A spa day would be stupendous. In the end, my kitty meowed at me to let me out of my room, so I am forced to stand and let her out.  Then, I go through my normal daily routine.

  1. brush teeth
  2. put in contacts
  3. wash face
  4. find an appropriate outfit
  5. do my make-up
  6. do my hair
  7. grab some socks
  8. go downstairs
  9. eat breakfast
  10. put on shoes and coat
  11. go to school

Eleven is such a fantastic number that I just had to have eleven steps. My contacts took several tries to insert this morning, I tried on four different outfits before I was content, I couldn’t find the  Mary-Kay eyeshadow I wanted to use and it took me a while to realize it was in my bag-downstairs-, and my hair took forever (I did one of those buns with the braid wrapped around it as a pony-tail holder. I ended up redoing my hair in 1st hour anyways). As I am walking down the stairs I get a text that reads, “We are here”. My ride was already here and I haven’t had breakfast! ARGH!

But, the day ended okay. The School Newspaper came out today and the editor put all of the stories I did in. (Cass, two other friends, and I do the advice column, and Cass and I did an interview for our fashion segment, and my other story about teen entrepreneurs got in! 🙂 Plus, Wednesdays just tend to rock.




10 Responses to “eleven”

  1. Cass Says:

    Wow molls. 12 happens to be my favorite numero.

  2. GiGi Steals Hearts Says:

    wow i hear ya.
    id hate to wake up in the mornin
    and realize it wasnt saturday

  3. Cardrigan Lover Says:

    Yellow is disgustin

  4. Anna Says:

    what has that got to do with molls post?

  5. Cardrigan Lover Says:

    i hate ur icon.
    and nuthin

  6. Cardrigan Lover Says:

    suck it up

  7. Jennifer Says:

    i like your make up tips

  8. Molls Says:

    thanks : ) and ill try to post more…

  9. Jennifer Says:


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