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mhmm February 25, 2010

Filed under: Music — Molls @ 2:16 pm

You know what? No. No. No, you don’t. Except…maybe you do. Ah, weell. What it is iss: Moo-sic. Imma give you my top 10 songs for the dayy. Ooo exciting! (BTW: the order isn’t which one I like best, just the way they came to my mind and I typed them.)

  1. Blah Blah Blah -Ke$ha (featuring 3OH3!)
  2. SexyBack -Justin Timberlake
  3. Imma Be -Black Eyed Peas
  4. Sexy Chick -David Guetta (featuring Akon)
  5. BedRock -Young Money (featuring Lloyd)
  6. In My Head -Jason Derula
  7. Fireflies -Owl City
  8. Empire State of Mind -Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
  9. Live Like We’re Dying -Kris Allen
  10. Break Even -The Script

And of course these oldies will never get old in my view:

  1. All Star -Smash Mouth
  2. Chasing Cars -Snow Patrol
  3. Baby Got Back -Sir Mix-A-Lot

: )




19 Responses to “mhmm”

  1. Cass Says:

    I like how you put justin timberlake.

  2. Poptarty fruit Says:

    OMG i luv justin bieber he sounds lyk a girl though

  3. Me Guesta Up Says:

    jb sucks
    luv the songs.

  4. Grapefruit head Says:

    i kinduh like JB. hes ok. not terrible or anything but yaa.
    blah blah blah is a gud song

  5. Mrs Thuglicious Says:

    ummm Cass “Sexyback” was definitly postitively written/sung by Justin Timberlake…look it up

  6. JTs #1 Says:

    wuteva i like JT u kno the timberlake man

  7. JB is amazing Says:

    u r a freak. i like JB

  8. Molls Says:

    whenever someone typed JB i thought it was Jonas Bros…

  9. Renaay Says:

    Cass ur weird but that is why I like you!

  10. Cass Says:

    ummm dont even talk to me… i dont know you

    STRANGER DANGER!!!!!!!!!!

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