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Spotlight: ” UP ” The Movie. February 25, 2010

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Have you ever found yourself bored?

Well? Have you ? Come on guys! It’s either a yess or a no! Don’t make this difficult-er than it has to be. HAHA. Anyway! If you find yourself saying yess! Well checkout this super cool flick. It’s a family & comedy all in one! WOOT. Even adventure!  For all you adventureists out there. Hehe. <3!   But… if you are like Squidward from spongebob, that poor little fellow, then you have no life! HAHA. But seriously.. So if your like SPONGEBOB! ( He’s my favorite type of sponge. ) or his best buddy Patrick, Then you should really check out the movie UP.

Why am I suggesting this?

Well for the past two days, my journalism class is watching UP. AND MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IS RUSSEL. & DOUG & KEVIN & MR. FREDRICHSEN. That’s a lot of people huh??? Well what’s not to love. Don’t judge me guys ): Anyway!!! Guess what?!?!?  I’m gonna tell you a secret… Kaay?!?!? Promise Not TO TELL .

Kay. Here goes nothing! My brother… LOOKS LIKE RUSSELL! HAHAHAHAHA. I know its silly, But dont make fun of him. Haha. Okaay. With that being said. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CHECK IT OUT!

Kay? Aight? Cool? Si? Wi? Yess?

Alright. Buh Byee!

Typical Cass (:


12 Responses to “Spotlight: ” UP ” The Movie.”

  1. Poppyflower1234 Says:

    lol i love up

  2. Poppyflower1234 Says:

    kevin is my favorite

  3. UP Addict Says:

    you want to know who’s funny alpha and his doggies LOL.

  4. UP Addict Says:

    omg yes do u remember when russel went.

    ” KEVIN’S A GIRL? ” that made me LOL

  5. Poptarty fruit Says:

    Doug is annoying LOL

  6. Me Guesta Up Says:

    Ive only seen part of the movie
    i like when mr. fredrechson says

    “arent u the adventure guy with the GPMs and stuff ”


  7. JB is amazing Says:

    L – O – V – E
    ur blog.

  8. Coppaah Says:

    the bad guy is a psycopath

  9. Lol Says:


  10. Jennifer Says:

    Um. Yah! I LIKE DOUG hes funny

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