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something special March 2, 2010

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Hey! I’m in my journalism class at this current time. You are not. Or I would see you. Obviously. Haha : P

In addition to this, I am bored. We have not been giving a new deadline in this class so we have a study hall right now. We have laptops, too. And with laptops come blogging. It’s scientifically proven. JK. I just like saying that about stuff no one thinks is true. Usually it actually is! CRAAZY. But not in this case. Yep.

  • Color: green
  • Make-up: a natural look- brown eyeliner, sparkley skin-colored liquid eye shadow, shimmery pink blush, dark brown eyeshadow, Black Cherry Soda (its clear) lip gloss, and coverup (duhh)
  • Hair: two french braids on either side of my face
  • Outfit: dark gray textured-looking dress from Forever 21, black leggings, dark blue textured (for real) cardigan with short sleeves that off-set the long sleeves of the dress, and my origional style (no fancy shmancy laces or anything) black Uggs.
  • Nails: chipped hot pink…I need to redo them baadly
  • Mood: flighty
  • Flavor: cherry (maybes from the lip gloss)




3 Responses to “something special”

  1. Mae Says:

    lol cool

  2. Renaay Says:

    Hr journalism class sounds a lt like a study hall

    • Molls Says:

      it is unless we have a deadline due. we get a new one on monday. i like this class because it’s an easy A, i LOVE writing, and we have plenty of time so we can work on our blog because im really busy after school (track, soccer, hw, and social stuff).

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