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New Obsession[s] March 11, 2010

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Helloo! Hello!

Hey folks! It’s mee Cass! Who else? ( Cass Hackerr? ) No! That would SUCK if someone did hack me. But lucky for me. My password is difficult! (: I figured since I had nothing to do in my Communications class i would post up a pretty little blog post! Smart amiright? Now on to what really matters. My current obsessions!


I am literally obsessed with these things hehe. I have a stuffed turtle at home!! ITS ADORABLE. x1000000! That’s right! It’s cool like that. P:  For instance. Some of you may like loveee dogs. Well this is my obsession turtles. ( I actually have a lot of stuffed animals.. )


Perry the platypus! I love that character from Phineas and Ferb. Haha i feel like such a kid. But that’s okaay! Anyway, he’s a  fish and a beaver? BUT SO WHAT. I don’t think Doofinschmertz is really evil hehehe…

Typical Cass (:


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