Style, boys, make-up, whatever floats your boat.

Us authors February 7, 2010

About Molls


  • birthday is Aug. 30th
  • favorite color is teal
  • likes cats, tigers, cheetahs, and lions. rawr.
  • is currently taken by her boyfrieend. hehe. ❤

What’s not to lovee about this girrl? One word that describes this chiick is fashionistaa (:

❤ Cass

About Cass


  • season: summer
  • flower: roses
  • animal: pandas and turtles
  • description: dark hair. tanned. petite.
  • my one word description: asian. JKJK! 😛 its actually: comical
  • I love this chick.




19 Responses to “Us authors”

  1. Wendy Says:

    i like turtles.

  2. GiGi steals hearts Says:

    im one three. 13. get it?

  3. Missy Says:

    LOL ME 2 and y is ur name GiGI steals hearts

  4. GiGi steals hearts Says:

    uh-m cuz it can be?
    its like asking someone why is ur name missy

  5. Ghetto Girl Says:

    gud p01nt

  6. missy Says:

    oh. srry gigi

  7. GiGi steals hearts Says:

    its ok.

  8. Speechless hot babe Says:


  9. GiGi steals hearts Says:

    i call dibs on cass, if i knew her in real she would be my BFF

  10. Yui Says:

    NOOO she would be mine!

  11. Molls Rox Says:

    I call dibs on molls as my BFF if i knew her

  12. mrsthuglicious Says:

    HEY EVERYBODY!!! YOU SHOULD DEFFFFSSS CHECK OUT MY BLOG!! I NEED MORE HIIIIIIIIIITTTTTSSSS!!!!!!!! its kinda lame right now but it WILL get better!…mark my words….heaheahea…..stealing peoples readers is funn….

  13. mrsthuglicious Says:

    good. its working.

  14. Cass Says:

    Woow ella. your cool 😛

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