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Missing in Abercrombie March 30, 2010

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Hellooo one and all!(: It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something. So I’ve decided to post about something! I am currently in Newspaper class with my beloved friends Molls & Ella ( From her blog (( Click the Turtles picture )) ) Anyway, I am currently doing my math homework and its super easy and confusing at the same time. Then I have soccer later.

Fun stuff amiright? I’m starting to have second thoughts.

I MISS KINDERGRARDEN. ( I purposely spelled it wrong (; ) All you do is learn your A,B,C’s and what not. But unlike in Kindergarden everybody thinks guys have cooties. Yeaah. But not in MIDDLE SCHOOL! Hehe.. Guys = Candy. P: Yum.

Typical Cass (:


New Obsession[s] March 11, 2010

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Helloo! Hello!

Hey folks! It’s mee Cass! Who else? ( Cass Hackerr? ) No! That would SUCK if someone did hack me. But lucky for me. My password is difficult! (: I figured since I had nothing to do in my Communications class i would post up a pretty little blog post! Smart amiright? Now on to what really matters. My current obsessions!


I am literally obsessed with these things hehe. I have a stuffed turtle at home!! ITS ADORABLE. x1000000! That’s right! It’s cool like that. P:  For instance. Some of you may like loveee dogs. Well this is my obsession turtles. ( I actually have a lot of stuffed animals.. )


Perry the platypus! I love that character from Phineas and Ferb. Haha i feel like such a kid. But that’s okaay! Anyway, he’s a  fish and a beaver? BUT SO WHAT. I don’t think Doofinschmertz is really evil hehehe…

Typical Cass (:


Disastrous Ribbons & Newly Achieved Skill March 10, 2010

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Hellooo all you supercute chickss and fly guys! ( less likley ) Anyway! Was the title eye catchy? Did it draw you in? Well, If your reading this. Then the answer is a deff. YESS! Kaay now how was that for an intro? Now on to what really matters.

Disastrous Ribbons

I was wrapping a present right after I got from school! ( More like my mom did all the work HAHA ) But then! I wanted to make the pretty homemade ribbon. It looked perfect in the vision i had pictured in my head. But you know. It turned out awful! The ribbon looked like a messed up star when i was finished. ): But you know what. I HAVE TO SUCK IT UP! ( As molls would tell me to do haha ) Anyway! I feel bad for the person who receives the present. But lucky for them. I made a PRETTY SIGN to go along with it 😀 Theres also a meaningful messege on the back! hehe. ❤ But, I’m pretty sure the receiver will like the present more than the sign & the stupid ribbon combined. HOPEFULLY. Now that you’ve heard the bad news. Time for the GOOD NEWS.

Newly Achieved Skill

So, I wanted to put my hair up. A simple pony tail is waay too boring for me. So I just started tying my hair up and braiding it at the same time. And what do you know? I french-braided it! WOOH! GO MEE! (: Haha.. ( According to Molls, Boosting your self esteem is a good thing ) So uhhm.. Basically, I learned how to french braid when molls tried to french braid it once in gym. But then i just practiced and practiced and I DID IT.

Cass’s Tip of the Day: Dream Big! Work Hard! Don’t Give Up! (:

Kaay. That’s all for now! ( So Molls kept bugging me about posting. So I finally got around too it! )

Comment, Post, Blog, Shareee, (x

Typical Cass (:


Molls – A poem March 2, 2010

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Molls –

You know.   I know this girrl name Molls. And she happens to be my friend! So I haven’t posted in what?  a week? I don’t know. I don’t keep tracck of these things. BUT Anyway. I thought. Why not post something nice about my dear friend Molls (:  Hehe. So here goes.


M y bestiee 

O h how she loves them olives. ( I think OOH AND EMPTY WATER BOTTLES )

L ikes fashion & her friends & turtles & a whole bunch of other things mwhaha. (: BUT MOST OF ALL MEEEE! HAHA. ( Take that other less loving things than Mee  )

L aughable

S illy


Lurve my post molls! Lurve my post. (:

See if you love your friend. Write them a nice loving letter, or a poem, or something that shows you! You CARE


Typical Cass (:


Spotlight: ” UP ” The Movie. February 25, 2010

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Have you ever found yourself bored?

Well? Have you ? Come on guys! It’s either a yess or a no! Don’t make this difficult-er than it has to be. HAHA. Anyway! If you find yourself saying yess! Well checkout this super cool flick. It’s a family & comedy all in one! WOOT. Even adventure!  For all you adventureists out there. Hehe. <3!   But… if you are like Squidward from spongebob, that poor little fellow, then you have no life! HAHA. But seriously.. So if your like SPONGEBOB! ( He’s my favorite type of sponge. ) or his best buddy Patrick, Then you should really check out the movie UP.

Why am I suggesting this?

Well for the past two days, my journalism class is watching UP. AND MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IS RUSSEL. & DOUG & KEVIN & MR. FREDRICHSEN. That’s a lot of people huh??? Well what’s not to love. Don’t judge me guys ): Anyway!!! Guess what?!?!?  I’m gonna tell you a secret… Kaay?!?!? Promise Not TO TELL .

Kay. Here goes nothing! My brother… LOOKS LIKE RUSSELL! HAHAHAHAHA. I know its silly, But dont make fun of him. Haha. Okaay. With that being said. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CHECK IT OUT!

Kay? Aight? Cool? Si? Wi? Yess?

Alright. Buh Byee!

Typical Cass (:


26 letters, 26 words, my life. February 24, 2010

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It’s been awhile since i’ve posted. Heh. 3 days i think? but thats okay! Molls. wanted me to post something. SO! here goes nothing Mollo – dearest.  26 letters, 26 words that basically describe my life.

A – Abnormal

B – Bottles of Water

C – Cakes

D – Dinosaurs

E – Excercising Ball

F – Fashion

G – Gifts

H – Hot Guys

I – Ice Cream

J – Jumping Jelly Beans

K – Keys

L – Lucky Stars

M – Movie Nights

N – Ninjas

O – Orange Peels

P – Popcorn

Q – Quiet Awkward Moments

R – Random Words & Random Times

S – Songs about Kendra ( HAHA )

T – Turtles

U – Unique Creations

V – Variety of Powers

W – Wide imagination

X – X marks the spot ( TREASURE )

Y – Yummy cookies

Z – Zany BFFLAE’S ( Zany = Crazy… I think )

So. THAT CONCLUDES my post. I can almost GUARENTEE you, that while you reading this list, you might go what the heck? or huh? or even go HAHA. But heey. That’s life. (:

Typical Cass (:


Cass’s Day vs Molls’s Day February 20, 2010

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Cass’s Day,

Unlike Molls’s so called “boring day” her’s is actually EXCITING! While me on the other hand is stuck in deep GUANO ( word meaning bat poop ).  Why am I stuck in deep GUANO you may ask?  WELL, I’ll tell you why!

( 1 ) Today I woke up at exactly 10:33.

I didnt exactly sleep ” well ” last night. For i was coughing and sneezing my guts out. SHEET.  I looked out my window to find it dark and gloomy outside. WHY WAS IT DARK YOU MIGHT WONDER? Because it wasn’t friggin 10:33 it was 4:33am D< My younger brother though it would be hilarious to mess with my alarm clock…
( 2 ) I fixed my alarm clock back to the normal time & then went back to bed and was awaken an hr later by my alarm clock registered on my phone.

Lovely right? NO. NOT LOVELY. SO i am very crabby by this point. So i turn off my cell phone. & check all of my clocks [2] in my room and then head back to bed.

( 3 ) I woke up at exactly 10:33am ( the right time this time ) & there was NO FOOD.

Like literally, no more rice, ( because RICE is healthy for mee & the family.  HAHA ) ):  I had instant noodles. They tasted good…

( 4 ) I FEEL LIKE THROWING UP NOW. WHY?!??!?! because i have the flu. gosh daarn.

Thanks for ruining my weekend. FLU.


Typical Cass (:

P.S.  I found myself waking up on a large air bed. i don’t remember sleeping on one last night…