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Today Sucked March 24, 2010

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Today sucked, until school ended. Then, it gradually started getting better. That sounds familiar, eh?


Bowl Cut March 18, 2010

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The Bowl Haircut is back! Whatcha think? Retro or what!?!

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t pull off the style to save my life. It has a chic elegance to it, almost proper. Although, I don’t think anyone would classify it as being utterly proper. It has a playful, emo edge along with the in control business look.

(Did you know whatchamacallit is a word? No kidding!)

Anyways, my readers, look at these pictures. If you like the look, go for it! But, make sure you will get the same aura as the picture you are digging before you chop off your hair.

I really like the sophistication, but haughty essence the cut has (that’s the perfect definition! Eee!). Seeing someone pulling it off (like in these pics) really inspires me. Inspires me to do what? Idk. It is just is great, you know?

I tried to find a variety of the bowl cut, I think these pictures captured the range and how each one fit every person. .


Doesn’t the blue tinted picture look kinda like it should be rotated? Oh well, that’s the art of photography for you.

Hahahaha check out Rihanna’s cleavage! Ahh awkward.
My favorite is top right. (The chicka from America’s Next Top Model)




skiing=love March 15, 2010

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: .Spring Break! Hallelujah!!


Hey everyone! I’m in Vail, CO; rocking it on the slopes! Skiing is one of my favorite things ever. I’ve been skiing since the age of three. No crap. Since I don’t live near a mountain it kinda sucks, but my parents manage to take me somewhere to ski at least once or twice a year. This is my third time this year. The last two times were in Winter Park, CO. Skiing is like flying to me. It’s amazing, and I wish I could have grown up near a mountain, then I might be in the jr. Olympics right now! Aha, jk. Kinda. : P

So, enough about me. Are you guys doing anything cool for spring break?

hey hey hey


Can you read this? If so type Molls, I know your secret. into the comment box!



Kendra’s Love Poem March 11, 2010

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My amazing friend Kendra wrote this beast song (that I edited). Check it out!

Kendra’s Love Poem

If you kiss me once or twice

I will still be very nice,

But if you try to slap my ass

I will lower your body mass

: )

If you try to feel me down

I will not just give you a frown

‘Cause if you’re acting like man whore

I’ll make five fingers four

: )

If you toy with my emotions

I’ll throw your limp body into the ocean

If you ever make me pay

I will tell all your friends that you’re gay

: )

So just beware

And do what I suggest

Since I think you’ll want

To be able to eat and digest

: )


i know you loved it

yeah yeah you did




important info March 10, 2010

Ahh! I’ve noticed our views dropping a bit and I thought I should pick that back up with an interesting post. Hopefully it captivates you immensely.

Handy- Dandy Tip List

  • Lice like dirty hair less than clean hair, so do boys. Try to find a happy medium.
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are NOT married.
  • I look good in teal (and everything else (; oo yeah).
  • Boosting self-confidence doesn’t mean you are immodest. See above.
  • Jimmy Neutron doesn’t have a big head. He just gels his hair up really high. Unexpected, eh?
  • Stepping on cracks doesn’t break your mother’s back.
  • Walking under a ladder, on the other hand, is bad luck for the rest of the week.
  • They’re is only two people that tell the truth- little kids and the intoxicated.
  • Don’t believe everything on television (or anywhere else, for that matter).
  • Sports boost traits or skills such as persistence/perseverance, reflexes, gracefulness, integrity, and the ability to work in a team.
  • Gym class CAN be fun!

Yep. That’s right. Those are some useful factoids of information you will use or learn later in your life. I guarantee.

: )

: )




new blog March 8, 2010

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Two of my best friends, Katie and Ella, made a blog. They just started to get the hang of it and I’m digging what they’ve got going on in that hizzle. You should go visit it! You can click this link or you can click the picture of turtles on the bottom right of this page.
; )
; )

btw March 5, 2010

Hey girls!

Well in case you haven’t noticed (and you probably haven’t) Cass got rid of the rating thing under the blog posts and pages because no one used them. Except sometimes our friends would go on and vote or Cass and I would because we love ourselves. If you want the rating thing back you can add a comment to this post, but we would have to get at least twenty-five people saying they want it back. Another reason we got rid of it is we don’t care to much what you think of us; we just want to blog to blog. Ya know? For example, I don’t care what my best friends think of me I just know they love me because they still hang out with me. I don’t try to fit an image that other people want me to. Ditto Cass. Short version: The ratings for each post are gone.

In addition to that change, I’ve altered those little icons that pop up next to your name after you leave a comment if you don’t have a WordPress account or changed your avatar. They are super-cute little monsters. If monsters can be cute… :/ tehe. Yeah, I think they are amazing and they entertain Cass and me when we look at the comments. Tell me what you think of the little monsters!

So I hope everyone ah-dores every alterations! Cass and I are digging them.