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Bowl Cut March 18, 2010

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The Bowl Haircut is back! Whatcha think? Retro or what!?!

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t pull off the style to save my life. It has a chic elegance to it, almost proper. Although, I don’t think anyone would classify it as being utterly proper. It has a playful, emo edge along with the in control business look.

(Did you know whatchamacallit is a word? No kidding!)

Anyways, my readers, look at these pictures. If you like the look, go for it! But, make sure you will get the same aura as the picture you are digging before you chop off your hair.

I really like the sophistication, but haughty essence the cut has (that’s the perfect definition! Eee!). Seeing someone pulling it off (like in these pics) really inspires me. Inspires me to do what? Idk. It is just is great, you know?

I tried to find a variety of the bowl cut, I think these pictures captured the range and how each one fit every person. .


Doesn’t the blue tinted picture look kinda like it should be rotated? Oh well, that’s the art of photography for you.

Hahahaha check out Rihanna’s cleavage! Ahh awkward.
My favorite is top right. (The chicka from America’s Next Top Model)




hair growth increase February 15, 2010

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we had a request on how to improve hair growth so i did some research and came up with a few useful tips.

didja know your hair grows six inches a year on average? wowzers.


  1. Have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals for healthy hair and major hair growth. Your hair takes after the condition of your body. Healthy body= lush, beautiful hair. Things to make sure you eat are: a lot of raw fruits and vegetables, green and yellow vegetables rich in beta-carotene in particular, vitamin A and B. These help with hair growth especially.
  2. Hair is protein. So, adding proteins to your diet is good. Brewer’s yeast, fish, beans, yogurt, soy and eggs are STUPENDOUS foods with proteins. Protein strengthen your hair and improves hair growth.
  3. You probs should also minimize things that reduce hair growth. Stress can slow hair growth, getting tons of sleep can help your body in hair growth and trying to stay relaxed. Caffeine, sugar, and extraa fat in your diet can weaken your body and deprive you of hair growth.
  4. Massaging your scalp gently for just a little bit every day aids in stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles which improves hair growth. (Maybe do this like when your teacher is lecturing your class and knock out two birds with one stone (metaphorically speaking))
  5. Add oils of ylang ylang and lavender to your shampoo, conditioner, and hair stuff. The correct amount is 1 drop of each oil to every 2 oz. of product you’re using.

Hoping this helps,



Hair 101 – Hair Choices ( Styles ) February 9, 2010

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List of Hair Choices

Like i promised I’ve put together a list of  hair choices with a description & at least one picture.


Shag hairstyles are very popular and creative styles that can be worn in
many different ways. These were introduced in early 60’s and continued
to be hottest trend even today.

[ Short ] | [ Medium ] | [ Long ]

Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyle is great for any face shape and here are bob
hairstyle to suit any particular attributes depending on its bangs, length
and layers. Here are different bob hairstyles from which to choose, and a
bob’s length should be chosen based on the length and shape of a
person’s face. Bob hairstyles can be evenly cut or cut at an angle and
bangs can be added to a bob hairstyle, which can look cute on some

[ Short ] | [ Medium ] | [ Long ]

Fringe Hairstyles

Fringe hairstyle are popular in 2009 with different styles like pixie
fringe, blunt fringe and fairly long fringe hairstyles and sleek
fringe for long hairstyle. Fringe hairstyle is suitable for any face shape

[ One ] | [ Two ] | [ Three ]


Bangs are the new look from fringes to choppy, and soft wispy to hard
layers. Hair bangs length it is not fixed you can chose it for you inters as
you want.. Hair bangs say it all for a hair cut whether long, short or
mid-length. The trick to wearing hairstyles with bangs is to find the one
that perfectly suits you and helps to hide any flaws you may have, while
drawing attention to your assets.

[ One ] | [ Two ]

Blunt Hairstyle

– Blunt — this is a wonderful style to wear for mid–length hair. To be a
blunt cut, all of the hairs are the same length. It is often called a “bob” or
“page” style.

[ One ] | [ Two ]

Flippy Hairstyle

Flippy — by just adding a little “flip” at the ends of your short hairstyle you
can create a glamorous flippy style.

[ One ] | [ Two ] | [ Three ]


Crop — many textures and styles can be used with this haircut. The bangs
can be swept to the side or left as is. Layering and feathering work well with
this hairstyle.

[ One ] | [ Two ]


Layered — you can layer long hair with a razor cut that creates uneven

[ One ] | [ Two ] | [ Three ]

Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut — an undercut hairstyle trims the underneath layers to add
slight curls and softens the overall look of your hair.

[ One ] | [ Two ]

Typical Cass (:


Hair 101 – Head Shapes & Tips February 8, 2010

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The Question

Ever find yourself asking When should my next haircut be?
Or what it should be? Or maybe when to add highlights in?
Well. Whenever that moment is. Before snagging a specific cut.
Here are some tips to think about.


  • Don’t choose a haircut just because your friend has it, or the IN crowd has it.
  • Choose a haircut that fits your personaility
  • Choose a haircut that suits your facial features

** Just because someone else looks fantabulous with a haircut that you may like, it doesn’t  mean that haircut will look the same with yoou. Why is that? Well everyone has different facial features.

Head Shapes

** If you’re having trouble identifying the shape
of your face, stand in front of a mirror and using lipstick/washable
marker, do your hair back and trace the outline of your face on the
mirror. Step back and compare it to the shapes described above. The
lipstick/ washable marker can both be easily removed from the mirror.

  • Oval: is a little bit of everything, so you can pull off anything. Go with personality and facial feature strengths to pick out your style.
  • Long: bangs, layers, curls and waves are very important here since they balance off a long face with width. Try to keep an average length if possible. Too short and too long will make a long face seem longer.
  • Round: Go for sleek lines and tapered ends. Anything with bulk will make a round face look fat. Pixie cuts are great as are wild tousled styles.
  • Square: Soften up the sharpness of an angular jaw with curls and waves. Sleek lines also go well here but keep it below the jaw line. Avoid chin-length hair and long straight styles unless your hair is thick and has
    volume to it.
  • Heart shape: The pointy chin can be balanced out if the hairstyle is more concentrated on the top half of the face using fringes or bangs that end at your eyes or cheek bones. Accentuate your cheekbones.

Hope that helps!! Ooh. I will post the next hair 101 with the types of haircuts you can get & possibly provide a few examples.

Typical Cass (: