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Guys February 9, 2010

Post all your guy probs here. They will be answered as soon as we get around to it. Thanks.

Simple Guy Fact: Guys use less of their brain than girls (scientifically proven) so they are simplier. Girls tend to over-analyze their actions, but they are just making it harder on themselves. Make sure to remember this with your next crush.


28 Responses to “Guys”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Molls,

    I have an issue. I don’t know if its good or bad. buut. i like more than one guy is that abnormal?

    Lovee a chick thats not Cass.

  2. Molls Says:

    it is totally okay to like more than one guy at a time. the more the merrier! haha but i mean, yeah, unless youre married or have a serious bf it is fine to be crushin’ on more than one. i did…


  3. Cass Says:

    Haha okaay molls.
    but you know that was mee right?

  4. Cass Says:

    Crap wrong e-mail

  5. Molls Says:

    haha good job. and yes. i did. it was obvious.

  6. Cass Says:

    umm. are you suree girrl?

  7. Apart Says:

    Dear Molls &/Or Cass,

    I like this guy and we dont talk much anymore like we use to. i dont have any classes with him either. sometimes we see each other in the halls and sometimes we make eye contact but thats pretty much it. in the beginning of the year when we saw each other we would talk a little. then we stopped. and now we dont talk anymore. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
    i really really want to talk to him again. like we use to. HELP!

    • Molls Says:

      it sounds like you need to win this guy back, which shouldnt be hard considering you were friends at one time. key thing: take it step-by-step. first, when you see him in the halls and make eye contact remember to smile. second, after a week of smiling say hey soandso to him when you pass each other. after a day or so of that ask him for his number if you dont already have it. be like “hey! i just realized i don’t have your number! thats weird…haha so mine is…etcetcetc”

      i hope that helps! if you need more advice after that ask!


  8. Confused and heart broken Says:

    dear authors
    this guy and i have been to the same elementary school since kindergarden and weve been in the same class for 3 years and we use to talk so much and stuff and then since we hit jr high we kinda separated and stuff and i really want to be his friend again and talk like we use to. what shuld i do?

    • Molls Says:

      if you have a class with him it will be easier. right after class strike up an interesting conversation with him and you can walk out of the class together and through the halls. and in class you can talk if its like a partner thing or whenever you get the chance. if you see him after school or in the halls give him a casual “hey”. if you have time to talk with him then stay with him and talk. pretty soon you two will be better friends!

      • Confused and heart broken Says:

        we havent spoken to each other for 2 yrs & no classes together

      • Confused and heart broken Says:

        and hes also popular and likes older women…
        AND WHY DO THEY HAVE TO LIKE SNOBBY Bitc..nevermind..

      • Molls Says:

        haha well that sounds tough. maybe you should pick a different guy?

      • Confused and heart broken Says:

        oh well thanks for tryin.

      • Molls Says:

        I’m not giving up. the information i gave you earlier was solid. if you can hold an interesting conversation then this guy will find you more intriguing, thus wanted to spend more time with you. look at the advice i gave Apart right before you, some of that information will occur in your situation.

  9. Keeennndraaa Says:

    Gosh, Molly. Why don’t I ever get this advice? You’d think all your smarts would be helpful to your BFFLAEs! Not random bloggers. But, yeppers. this is friggen good advice.

    I thought too that a guy I USED to be friends with (and dated- 5th grade so doesn’t count) and thought he would neeever like me again or even would remember me. I was talking to my friends (Molly and Shannon) and they told me he might. Imagine my surprise when the very next day he asks me out. Stranger things have happened, y’all. and don’t let popular guys scare you. sometimes (too often, ladies!) they turn out to be jerks but sometimes they are just reeealy cool friendly boyss. 🙂

    PEACE ☮

    • Molls Says:

      because you slap me and tell me to shut up and that im stupid if i try to give you advice! and then i end up right! remember briggs? ian? vince? and andrew now!

      and yeah most popular guys are major jerks (saxon, cameron, and blake for a few examples) but theyre are some cuties that are really sweet.

      • Keeennndraaa Says:

        andrew iss nicee. but i mean NICE ADVICE. not “he’s ugly and a douche”, molly.
        and what cuties at our school are sweet?

    • Shanny Says:

      He asked you out the next day cuz zach is an impressively persuasive young man 🙂 and im a really good friend 😛

  10. really? Says:

    this is dumb.

  11. really? Says:

    molly, ur kinda harsh.

  12. McKiala Says:

    heyy cassie im mckiala and im staying three weeks at my grandmas and there is this adorable kid living across the street that i am falling for he hasnt come and talked to me yet but im sort of scared to confront him! wtf! what do i do!?

  13. Cass Says:

    Heey McKiala.
    Okay, What you gotta do.
    Is have confidence in yourself. (:
    That’s step number one.
    Step number two.
    is putting yourself into your plan.
    Plan: Talk to cutie across ze street.
    Confidence is your best friend.
    Don’t let it down. Or you’ll let it down.

    Hope it helps.

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